Why travel to Madagascar?

Landscapes: Madagascar is a big continent island, between Africa and Asia. We have breathtaking landscapes: terraced paddy fields , mountains, rainforests, tropical forests, spiny forests, african savanna, eldorado malagasy. Yes we have all those landscapes in one land.

Biodiversity unique : Madagascar is a unique destination with a unique biodiversity and the fauna and flora endemics. It invits you to ecotourism, parks visits.

Culture : Villages visits will make you discover traditional cultures between african and asian origin.

Beach holidays : Madagascar is one of the best beach vacations destination in the world. We have white sand beaches, far away from mass tourism.


What can you find in Madagascar?

Lemurs : Yes, the real lemurs. We thank the Madagascar cartoon but seeing the real lemurs in Madagascar island is unreal. It is an experience that everyone needs to live. We design tours in Madagascar to discover the best places to visit national parks or private reserves to find lemurs of Madagascar.

Baobabs : Madagascar is the country of baobabs, we have 6 between the 8 world spieces. Do you know those giant trees? Come and take a picture at our Avenue of the Baobabs, it is an unforgettable experience.

Chameleons : Madagascar looks like a chameleon with many colors and many interesting things to see and to discover.

Birds : Birdwatching is on of our favorite offers

Parks : There are many national parks, here we have our favorites national parks in Madagascar: Andasibe national park, Isalo national park, Ranomafana national park, zombitse national park, ankarana national park.

So, come and discover Madagascar with Madajet, be sure we’ll design the best madagascar tour for you.

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